Acting CV

 Title Character Notes
 Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (2020) Onkel Andreas German, Amazon Prime
 Der faule Engel (2020) Bruno Kiss German, Supporting, ZDF
 Das Boot (2019)  LI German, Sky TV
 JoJo Rabbit (2019) Herr Junker Dir. Taika Waititi
 Toman (2018) Charles Katek Czech, Dir. Ondřej Trojan
 Der Gleiche Himmel  (2017) Captain Taylor Dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel, ZDF
 Svět pod Hlavou (2017) Rodeo Slim Česká televize mini-series
 Masaryk (2017) Chlap (opening scene) Film won Czech Lion Awards
 Unlocked (2017) Christopher Olson CIA Agent 3 Scene with John Malkovich,
 Dir. Michael Apted 
 The Ottoman Lieutenant (2017) Orderly Dir. Joseph Ruben 
 Clay's POV (2016) Uli / Darko Canadian Super Channel
 Murder of a President (2016) Joseph S. Brown PBS American Experience
 Death and Other Inconveniences
 Tim (lead)  Independent film
 Borgia: Faith and Fear (2013) Alexius Tom Fontana, Canal+, ZDF

 The Improv Comedy Show Co-founder Weekly Improv Theater Show - since 2012
 Lovecraft (2017) Dansforth BLR Theatre, Prague
 Deaf Empire (2016) Multi Char. Prague Shakespeare Company
 The Homecoming (2013)    Teddy BLR Theatre, Prague
 Collection (2014) James BLR Theatre, Prague
 The Lover (2014) The Milkman BLR Theatre, Prague
 Buried Child (2014)    Tilden BLR Theatre, Prague

 Squadron 42 Background soldier VG feat. Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill
 Arma 3 Sergeant Ben Kerry (Lead) VG Bohemia Interactive - 9/10 rating on Steam
 Memento Mori 2 Max Durand (Lead) VG Centauri Productions

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